Skills Challenge is an annual competition which occurs prior to fall season.  It is open to all members of Dragons FC and participation is free.


Each participant gets 5 juggling chances and the best of 5 will count toward ranking. To qualify to win a medal, participant must juggle a minimum of:

10 juggles for U-9 and U-10

20 juggles for U-11 and U-12

25 juggles for U-13 and U-14

50 juggles for U-15 and U-16

The top three jugglers over the minimum required juggles will win an award.



Race against the clock as participants blaze through the slalom course of flags. Each participant gets two attempts at dribbling through the course as the stopwatch ticks. The best time will count toward ranking. Faster is better, but you have to keep control! The best three times will win an award.




Attempt three passes from top of the penalty box. Each space between the flags - or zone - is worth a different amount of points toward ranking. The narrower the zone, the more points it is worth. Do you play it safe, or do you go for the points? To qualify to win a medal; a participant must score a minimum of 25 points.  The top three scorer over 25 will win an award.






Chip a ball at the target to score big points! Each participant gets to chip three balls from midfield sideline toward the center circle. Total points for 3 chip shots will count toward ranking. To qualify for a medal, a participant must score a minimum of 25 points. The top three scorers over 25 will receive an award.





Launch a shot at the target to score big points! Each participant attempts three shots from top of the penalty mark. Each shot is taken on a regulation-sized goal which is divided into 7 zones. Pick the easy shot for the sure points; or try and hit the upper 90 for big points! Total points for 3 shots will count toward ranking. The top three players over 40 points will receive an award.





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