Is Dragons FC part of the Westerville Amateur Soccer Association (WASA)?

Dragons FC is a separate entity from WASA but we are sponsored by WASA to play in MOSSL (Mid Ohio Select Soccer League).

Why should my child join a select soccer club?

Our goal is to give children a chance to play in a competitive, positive environment whether a child is at the beginning stages of soccer or striving to play at a higher level. If your child loves the sport of soccer and wants to excel in it, then we strongly suggest that your child join a soccer club. Select soccer offers more training opportunities provided by professionally licensed coaches who have played soccer and/or have coached soccer for years. Select soccer offers competitive play during the regular season and tournaments.

What is my child’s age group?

Please check the age group chart for age cutoffs.

How does the tryout process work?

After tryouts are completed, coaches will discuss their ratings of each player to determine whether to offer a spot on one of the teams.  Per MOSSL by-laws we can begin to offer a position to a tryout participant after 2:00 pm on Sunday, June 4th for U7-U12 age groups and 2:00 pm on Sunday, June 1th for U13-U18 age groups. At 2:00 pm on the respective Sunday, we contact players we are offering a spot on a Dragons team via email and we will follow up with a phone call to confirm you have accepted the spot. Please be patient since we have to call a lot of families.

Do players who have previously played in a local rec program have less of a chance of making a Dragons team?

If your child is active, athletic, and coachable then he/she will likely receive  an offer from Dragons, as long as we have enough players to build a team for his/her age group.  Our philosophy is to give every new/rec player an opportunity to work with a Dragons coach for at least a year.  Your son/daughter will be offered a roster spot on subsequent Dragons’ teams, as long as we see improvement from them throughout the year, and assuming we continue to have teams in that age group.

How challenging will the Dragons club experience be?

Our program is more demanding than a rec program in that there are higher expectations of effort and commitment. Dragons coaches are USSF licensed professionals. Their licensing courses are geared to understanding and teaching youth players. The Dragons FC program is designed for players who are looking for a more rigorous training and playing environment than recreational program provides. All practices are led by professional, licensed coaches.

What skills will my child learn or improve upon?

Dragons FC is a competitive environment by nature. Players compete for positions on the team as well as for minutes played on the field. Each team is different, but most teams come together in an organic and unpredictable fashion. Our coaching staff is constantly evaluating teams, both at training sessions and in games. At the end of each season, our coaching staff takes the opportunity to analyze and discuss with their colleagues each individual player’s development, performance, and contribution to the team. These discussions, along with the player evaluation process, allow the staff to conclude whether or not it is beneficial for a player to continue with an existing team or to find a better playing environment which is more conducive to their current skill level. It is our goal to make sure players continue to develop, thrive, and love the game.

Dragons FC takes a long-term approach to player development. All players mature and progress differently. Dragons FC always puts the interest of the player first and strives to preserve the relationships between the player, family, coach, and team.

What is the time commitment to Dragons FC? 

The club soccer fall season starts in late July and lasts until late October, and the spring season runs from mid-March (weather permitting) until late May. Winter training includes either winter training or playing indoor soccer once a week.You should plan for three soccer days a week during fall and spring seasons. Either two training session and one game or two games and one training session. Training sessions last approximately an hour and a half but are at the discretion of the coach. Time commitments are extremely manageable with good planning and carpools are a parents’ best friend.

Do Dragons teams play year round?

We believe that no youth player should train and play year round. The team-training calendar follows a “cyclical” regimen. Teams typically take 8 weeks off in the summer and they typically take 8 weeks off when fall season ends and then they train or play indoor once a week.  While there is no official soccer during these times, we encourage all players to stay fit and healthy during the off-season. While it is important to stay in shape and regularly “touch the ball”, year-round organized training and games can lead to burnout and/or sports-related injuries.  Cross-training is advised!

How many games are played each season?

Each team plays 4 home games and 4 away games each season. Home fields are at various parks around Westerville such as Highland Park, Westerville Soccer Complex, Millstone Park, and Towers Park. Away games are in local Central Ohio communities including Dublin, New Albany, Hilliard, Worthington, and Newark.

How many tournaments does a team participate in and what are the travel commitments?

U7 through U9 age groups play in three tournaments: two tournaments in the fall and one in the spring. Two tournaments are in Central Ohio and the third tournament is within the state in Cincinnati, Cleveland, or Dayton areas.

U10 and higher age groups play in five tournaments: three tournaments in the fall and two in the spring. Four tournaments are local and the fifth tournament is within the state in Cincinnati, Cleveland, or Dayton areas. Note: a team may decide to travel out of town for an additional tournament but the club will organize just one out of town tournament.

What is the financial commitment to play for Dragons FC?

The financial commitment varies by age group:

U7-U9: $450 

U10: $800 

U11-U12: $900 

U13-U15 (fall and spring): $1000 

U15-U18: $600 for spring only

What does the annual fee include?

Your fees cover fall and spring sessions, five tournaments (three tournaments for U7-U9) and three training shirts. This fee also covers indoor soccer or winter training. Winter training or indoor are determined by individual coaches.

Why is the uniform cost not included in the annual fee?

We keep the uniform cost separate from the annual fee since players can wear the same uniform for two to three years and we don’t want to force families to buy new uniform kits every year.

What is the cost of uniform kits?

Uniform cost is approximately $155 and includes two sets of uniform kits. Each uniform kit includes jerseys, shorts, and a pair of socks. One set is a custom Adidas uniform and the second set is an Adidas stock uniform that most clubs buy. Actual cost will be determined prior to uniform ordering.

Is there a way for me to lower my fee?

We offer several opportunities for families to lower fees:

  • $100 credit for each additional child (sibling) that accepts a spot with the Dragons
  • $100 credit for each referral and acceptance to the Dragons

These opportunities are cumulative so if you are able to take advantage of all of these opportunities, you can reduce your fees significantly.

Are Dragons FC trainers allowed to schedule private training sessions?

The Dragons FC coaching staff may be available for individual or small group (up to four players) private training sessions for registered Dragons FC players. To arrange a private training session with a Dragons FC staff member, parents should contact the trainer directly to determine availability and cost.

I feel my child is an advanced soccer player for his/her age. Can they play-up? 

If the club and our coaching staff feels that your child is ready to play above their age, we will let him/her to play up – at most one year.

My child is a multi-sport athlete. Can they play for the Dragons and participate in other sports?

Young athletes are actually encouraged to play other sports because it is healthy and keeps them active and competitive. At a young age, as athletes’ bodies are developing, it is important to experiment and cross train. However, the commitment in Dragons FC, especially starting at U11, is as such that multi-sport athletes are required to put club soccer first (spring and fall) in the event of a conflict. As players approach high school age, it becomes increasingly difficult to play several sports and truly excel at any. As a result, high school age athletes must often choose between club soccer and other sports.

Who creates game and practice schedules? 

Each Dragons FC coach is responsible for setting up practice and game schedules.

Do I have to wear my training jersey to every practice?

Yes, we ask that all players wear them to all training sessions. We feel it is important that the players look cohesive and structured even when training.

Where can I get an extra training gear or how can I order an extra or replacement uniform kit?

You can purchase extra training gear by contacting Mehrgan Padidar m This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Where can I get extra pieces for my uniform kit?

Extra kit items (socks, shorts, backpack, etc.) can be purchased at Soccer Plus with club-discounted savings. Having extra pieces can be a real time saver and lifesaver come game day. You can also order additional items at the time of uniform order placement.

We have outgrown uniforms and soccer equipment, is there a place we can donate these items?

At the beginning of the season, we usually have a collection effort if the current uniform kit will be used again in the coming year. Be on the lookout for emails with more detail.

There’s a parent on the team whose behavior is less than ideal. Whom should I talk to?

You should talk to your team admin. Your team admin should be the first person you talk to regarding any issues. In addition, one parent for every player must sign a Parental Code of Conduct form.

I would like to be a team admin, how do I get involved?

During the online registration process, you can request to be considered for a team admin position.

What do I need for registration if my child is new to soccer? 

You will need to provide your child’s birth certificate, a signed medical release form, a signed parent code of conduct form, and a copy of the front and back of your medical insurance card.

What forms of payment are accepted at registration?

We accept Paypal, check, money orders, or cash.

My child wants to be on the same team as a friend. Can I make a special request?

Club and coaching staff make all team placement decisions, but you can let your request be known.

How can I sponsor a team or donate to the financial aid fund?

For information regarding our sponsorship opportunities, please contact Mehrgan Padidar  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I am interested in being a major sponsorship partner with Dragons FC? Whom do I contact? 

Please contact Mehrgan Padidar, Director – Dragons FC at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How do I submit items for the website, Facebook or Instagram? 

Please contact Mehrgan Padidar, Director – Dragons FC at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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