About Dragons FC

Dragons FC is a select traveling program sponsored by Westerville Amateur SoccerAssociation (WASA) and we compete in Mid-Ohio Select SoccerLeague (MOSSL). Our goals as a club is to learn and enjoy the great game of soccer. We strive to develop high caliber players through emphasis on building skills, learning and understanding the game, player development and team camaraderie.If your child has a desire to enjoy and excel in the sport of soccer, we invite you to participate in our program. "For the love of the game"; is a saying that characterizes the underlying feelings of the founder of this club. We have a deep devotion, love and respect for the game of soccer. With this in mind, we wish to share our views with you.  


To provide the best youth soccer environment possible for young athletes who have the passion and desire to reach their full potential in soccer. 


To attract the area's best youth soccer players regardless of race, creed, color and teach the valuable life-long lessons (confidence, teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, respect) associated with the great sport of soccer.


Dragons FC promotes and fosters healthy social, athletic and competitive skills for youth via organized soccer programs. Through team interaction, role modeling, and positive coaching, Dragon FC encourages confidence within their players. We are a non-profit soccer club whose coaches and trainers have great passion for the game of soccer and we are dedicated to total development of the youth soccer players. We train and play all players fairly.


The goals of Dragons FC consist of a multi-tiered approach, while at all times the interest of the players must be paramount. With this in mind, Dragons FC strives to develop the best possible players by providing them the opportunities to: develop physical and soccer skills; appreciate the concepts and importance of team play; play at a competitive level; develop self-discipline, sportsmanship, mutual respect, and achieve personal accomplishments. All in an atmosphere where the greater enjoyment of the game may be experienced.


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